Not Just A Victory; Trump Victory Establishes New Era.



It might not have been what most statistics, polls and even a couple of prophets (yes, am talking about TB Joshua) had anticipated but for the first time in history a citizen who had never held public office emerged victorious in the highly hyped USA Election.

In a highly contested election that was marred by controversy, and scandals widely covered by both local and foreign media agencies, Donald J. Trump, a Republican beat Hilary Clinton to the office of the president of the United States of America previously held by Barack Obama a democrat ending the dominance that had been established for the past two terms where President Obama had consecutively beat off competition from the Republicans.

Looking at the big bullish figure of Trump, as he tendered in his victory speech one thing was definitely clear; exhaustion-it had been really tough for him.

The jubilation and smiles that constantly crossed the surface of his face was a bold reminder of the tough journey it had been for him.

For the 70 year old, the road to the White house has never been more difficult, the constant scrutiny of his qualifications as a leader which cited his temperament as a constant danger to international diplomacy, his failure to win even a single debate, the constant whining antics that alienated him from a score of voters, his obvious inexperience in politics that forced him into squabbles he had no business getting involved in, the resurrection of sexual assault charges, and other skeletons stolen out of his grossly stocked closet of scandals.

Looking back at the young lad who had grown up in abundant wealth with the resolve to become successful in whatever venture he had undertaken be it real estate developing where his knowledge is second to none, branding, or casino ownership in which he flourished one thing was clear; politics was not a familiar course of engagement.

Nonetheless one thing Donald Trump had taught us from his historic purchase of the Football team New Jersey Generals and airline shuttle Eastern Airlines was that you didn’t need to have prior knowledge to engage anywhere; you simply needed the means and the determination to succeed.

It is with this attitude that he first dared to run for presidency, at the beginning of this century under the guise of the Reform Party 2000s, for a “publicity maniac” this was considered by scores to be his latest stunt in a bid to build his brand and lobby publicity and he was never taken seriously; a distrust that was justified in February 2000 when he declared that he wouldn’t run citing the internal rifts in the party, and rightful so it turned out.

He was not ready, till he reunited with the Republicans under whose colors he would this week succeed in becoming President of the US which would trigger protests from thousands of Americans with hash tags like “He’s Not My President” gaining prominence in states like Chicago, New England, Boston and Portland that threaten to undermine the gains made by the Trump camp.

Calls for the abolition of “electoral colleges” in the aftermath of Trump’s victory have once again tested the core of one of the most admired democracies in the world on the continued use of electoral colleges US which was approved in late eighteenth century.

Anti-Trump voters rubbished the continued use of the electoral colleges which first gained widespread disapproval in 2000 after Democratic presidential aspirant Al Gore’s failure to secure the White house despite the fact that he had won the popular vote beating his rival George Bush by a 0.09% margin but losing out to the presidency by the Electoral vote where Bush won by 271 votes to Gore’s 266 votes.

What was a joke for various people had turned out true, Trump whose leadership has been likened to the end of the world- worse than 9-11, veteran African playwright and Nobel Prize winner Wole Soyinka who lives in the USA was not an exception, after he made claims that he would tear his green card- (a permit for permanent residency in the US) – in case Trump won and return home to Nigeria and Trump being the anti-immigration stalwart he is did just that, forcing the playwright to retract his statement by postponing his exodus to Nigeria which he dubbed “Wolexit” to late January when Trump would assume office.

But irrespective of all the dust that has risen from Trump’s victory a certain curiosity still looms by with main questions raised cropping from comments made by “The Donald” on issues like Immigration, where he was quoted saying “illegal immigrants are getting out and getting out fast.”

Does he finally build the wall between Mexico and the USA or will he negotiate better deals for the USA owing to his vast experience in business negotiations as he illustrates in his book “The Art Of The Deal” alternatively will he continue being the shrewd but effective businessman he is and manipulate the very laws his leadership is mandated to uphold.

These and many other questions arising from from decisions he has made are still the main queries as Trump comes in to power.

Asked in 1987 on whether he would make a good politician, the businessman had replied that

“I think am pretty outspoken, and that’s not probably a good thing in terms of a politician, but it’s a good thing if you ever get elected you could really do a good job”.

Well Trump has now added “politician” to his CV and the world waits to see whether he can walk the talk and do a really better job than the politicians he has critiqued throughout his entire campaign.


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