OPINION: Let Kids Be Kids

A bridges International Academy classroom block

Earlier on today  while watching news I caught a glimpse of a group of children dressed in lime green uniforms holding placards while being  flanked by their parents who were equally armed with placards marching in protest or rather solidarity with their school Bridges International in the wake of a court order that closed the schools over poor standards.

As much as I would have loved to decry the act (closure of Bridges Academies) with the view that these institutions have played a commendable role in the provision of education to the monetarily deprived in the areas in which they exist, my problem with this the methodology.

The use of children didn’t sit well with me, with the widespread use of violence to combat recent protests It certainly did not feel right, considering the fact that if the slightest of misdemeanors was detected the not so pacific Police would come in with brutal hand to calm down the situation and the following morning would belly dishonest commiserations and a whole lot of other of PR themed apologies and justifications.

Bridges International pupils protest the closure of their school

The fact that it’s a very young innocent helpless bunch that still needs to play, grow, and learn more made their involvement in their parent’s protests even more difficult to watch, these are kids that have no place on the street.

Now am definitely no parent or a guardian but one thing I could relate with was the fact that my parents would never have sent me out on those streets, yes from a humane perspective, feelings of empathy found their way to me but still the opinionated youth in me thought the children had no business pouring out on the streets.

Yes their school has been closed but why don’t the grownups who are supposed to set the right example shield their little ones from this rough world and come up with solutions to their problems while these toddlers wait patiently for their guardians to find a solution which could be found through dialogue with the supervisory authorities, alternatively the owners of the academies could work on meeting the said standards.

Even though I still believe the solutions to their problems are far from the streets on which they march with their kids, am still inclined to propose that whatever line of action these parents (whose resolve to educate their children currently beats any other necessity) choose to go with they should keep the young ones out of it and let the children be children.


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