Mukono Police Makes ComeBack


With a renewed sense of energy and a sadistic mind set to exploit, the policemen bundled the students on the truck amidst shrieks of this time more violent than the first instance drove for a few minutes before stopping at the gate of another hostel where a group of students who had fallen culprit to a sleeping gateman were attacked with threats of arrest. Their crime this time was standing outside the gate of their hostel while waiting to enter.

The girls who were about three plus one other male resident wary of arrest plead with the policemen.

The brave hardworking officers conscious of the special rights of women took this as a special case telling the teary girls that they had the situation in control. It was the boy that they wanted to have a serious chat. Within minutes the boy had pulled off a Jesus stunt; saving not only himself but also the girls from arrest provoking barrels of respect for the student who was described the student as outspoken. “Omuvubuka amanyi okwogera” an officer could be heard to say.

Having had a successful dialogue with the male student the “Engineer” drove on turning the car towards Mukono town where just on the street a distressed youth was arrested. He had been robbed just a few minutes ago and his attempts at explaining that he had just been robbed of his laptop and phone fell on deaf ears.

Instead it became apparent that the only thing he was going to receive was the privilege to be driven in the patrol car and a running commentary with questions that would have made even the most warm tempered mutoro heat with anger. The patrol car drove on

Under the warmth of the seats conversation was booming with whispers of introduction. Six people now occupied the metal base of the car and it was no use crying for spilt milk so the students and the other three occupants of the car turned to conversation and reassurances that they had committed no crime and that they would be released.

The students on their part had come to a consensus that they were had done their duty to country and would attempt no stints at been patriotic. They were done with buying fuel for the policemen and their crime preventing feat could go hand for all they cared. Not a single coin would be departing their pockets this morning.

It was two and the vehicle was still moving in search of more criminals and the next culprits were a pair of revelers of opposite sex.

According to the man they were fresh out of Satellite beach and were waiting for a boda boda to get them to their destination in Namayuba where they would retire for the night.

Quick as lightening the gentleman was instructed to compress his size and have a metal under the car seat. The gender sensitive officers again lived up to the billing. The lady was treated with dignity and allowed to seat on the leather seat along with an officer an act she barely had time to commend since she was helplessly drowning in a flood of tears she had created. Defiance it appeared to be.

The gentleman on the other hand took the cue to comfort her from under the seat, stammering in the process, a problem that had nothing to do with the policeman but wholly a corruption caused issue that emanated from the men who had effortless swindled funds meant for upgrading the Katosi road.

The latest stop revealed a house with bright neon lights, the vehicle had reached Namayuba and the neon pasted building was revealed to be new life bar an infamous hangout joint in one of the villages of Mukono.

One of the gallant policemen rose up from his seat to aid the wailing lady off the vehicle as the under-seat gentleman from the second policeman traced his way out the vehicle.

The gentleman having planted his feet on the bare ground was instructed with outmost fierceness to pay for the fare.

“kati sasula emitwaalo gyo ebiiri ssebo, obadde oyagala boda tukuletedde mu special hire” the driver barked!!

The gallant in the humblest of voices solicited for sympathy. He didn’t have such a sum and all he had was a small fee tht couldn’t be said out loud so he whispered to the cop who nodded in agreement.

A deal was sealed and the gentleman walked away with his lady who still struggled to dry her numerous droplets of tears.

The law enforcers with a dramatic change of attitude and face smiled at the remaining passengers and commanded all of them out of the vehicle. It was time they said for relaxing.

The now friendly officers assured the captives of their safety, stressing that they would be returned to Mukono town as soon as possible moreover with smiling faces. They saw no reason why their prisoners now turned friends should be miserable, after all they had been taken out and they could as well have fun.

Entry into the bar was free for the students, the hostile environment had died a sudden death and the policemen acted friendly even joking with their new friends and giving them close ups into their lives which were not easy.

But the difficulties faced by these officers should never have been a justification for bribery or even intimidation. The gun ought to be a last resort for criminals not a scare crow for people walking at night owing to the fact that the constitution grants Ugandans the right to move freely throughout Uganda and in the absence of any resolution by the district of Mukono,( I stand to be corrected) the police had no ground to arrest anyone for walking back at home.


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