Guild Campaigns Attract Expensive Vehicles


It was a battle of the trendiest vehicles last night at the open campaign ceremony for guild presidency at Uganda Christian University (UCU) as three guild presidency aspirants in a bid to impress their supporters appeared in the most expensive of vehicles waving to their success-hungry supporters.

Solomon Grace Male replicated his performance at the debate as he was once again the most punctual of the three.
He appeared at six forty five flanked by a fleet of six Silver colored Mercedes-Benz vehicles led by a grey campaign truck adorned with his posters and chanting his “Nothing For Us Without Us” slogan while he waved to the students out of the open roofed vehicle throughout the short distance from the gate to the Agape square where campaigns had been scheduled to take place. At the square he took time to greet his supporters who received him with joy.

Presidential aspirant Solomon Grace Male arrives at Agape Square for open campaigns. Presidential aspirant…

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