Scandal Rocks UCU Presidetial Debate

The Uganda Christian University (UCU) guild debate turned rowdy and violent on Wednesday night after guild presidential aspirant Joel Israel Kidandaire was accused of sexual immorality.
The debate that was organized by UCU Launch Pad: an independent non aligned university body to give student voters an informed view of their leader’s intellect and eventually enable them vote wisely.
The debate that was originally intended to begin at 8:00 pm began thirty five minutes later owing to the late arrival of the presidential candidates, who upon arrival worked their supporters into slogan chants causing commotion.
The Officer in charge of UCU police post Superintendent Joseph Kakooza’s threats to have the unruly students arrested for their disorderly conduct fell on deaf stubborn ears as the students continued with their chants and booing.
Kidandaire, a 22 year old Law student considered by many the outright favorite during the debate after answering correctly all the general knowledge questions posed at him by the moderators of the debate was accused of sexual immorality by the disgusted voice of Bosco Malis, representative aspirant Solomon Grace Male’s representative.

“Mr Kidandaire, how are you going to promote morality in this university when your being accused of the same, I have evidence here!”

he said energetically flashing out a cut out from the Red Pepper tabloid where a one UCU guild presidential aspirant named Joel Kidandaire was implicated.

The hall immediately turned noisy as the students reacted in shock, supporters of the accused candidate brushed off the question with loud jeers and insults.
Malis worked his way off the podium in anger, spreading the article for anyone who cared to see the newly printed cut out bearing evidence of his claim.
The police and coordinators of the debate in a bid to restore calm tried to stop the vibrant inquisitor, a feat they achieved after ten minutes to allow the next question which caused further raucous.

This time it was Onesmus Mwesigwa, author of the “ ANDREW MWENDA LISTEN YOUR “LISTENER” IS SPEAKING“ article who added fuel to the already burning fire.

“Hon Kidandaire we have evidence to indicate that you opened up a Whatsapp group with the aim of undermining the dignity of females,” he remarked, “How do expect us to vote for a leader like you”.

A calm Kidandaire dismissed the accusations as baseless acts of propaganda which he believed would not work against him come Friday.

“UCU needs to rise above the all forms of baseless propaganda in politics, the candidate in question is contesting for guild presidency in 20016-2017, me am contesting for 2015-2016 so I don’t know who the article meant”

When it came to his turn to fire questions at his opponents, Kidandaire bowed down with humility surprising everyone including his supporters as he posed his question.
“Honorable members, come Friday, please vote for Joel Israel Kidandaire” he begged attracting smiles from his supporters and jeers from his critics.
Kidandaire’s “humble” request turned out to be the last moment of calm for the evening as supporters of various candidates broke into loud chants of party slogans prompting the organizers to bring the debate to an immediate and abrupt halt.

The debate-excited supporters immediately rushed to their various meeting points to prepare for their late night mobilization campaigns.
A visibly happy Male later showed up to greet his opponent Nyikirize sparking off Rumors that linked the duo to the formation of a joint candidature similar to the national Democratic Alliance (T.D.A) formed by the leading opposition figures.

When asked to verify the allegations Male Grace Solomon denied the rumors dismissing them off as “Inaccurate”.
“It is not true “he said “Am still in the race, how would my supporters look at me if I backed out of the struggle at this point, those are just baseless rumors “



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