The Guild Presidency Race

For starters, this year’s Uganda Christian University (U.C.U)guild presidential race has three candidates. one short of last year’s four and five short of the original eight contestants who submitted in their nomination forms for guild presidency.

First  by chronology of last names which Samson Kasumba: the most distinguished moderator for yesterday’s guild presidential debate on Urban TV defected from in favor of order of standing is,

Joel Israel Kidandaire, a third year Law student formerly of Seeta High School who is considered by many the favorite due to his magnificent oratory and confidence which oozes right from the nostrils of his course: Bachelor of Laws, a course known for its popularity in feeding the University with guild President aspirants, most recent of whom is current President Hon Arthur Baliruno.

His campaign slogan has been “Breaking barriers, transforming U.C.U,” a phrase of words that clearly highlights his priority in setting up a strong leadership to solve the University’s problems.

Male Solomon Grace, another second year student formerly of Namirembe Hillside college where held held various prefectorial positions most popularof them being the one of head monitor. He is taking Public Administration, popular in certain circles though he clearly lacks the charm and crowd working prowess employed by Kidandaire.

Much as he came last with only 26% of the social media in the two day debate on Urban TV,11% below his other two adversaries,  his supporters still believe he can make it to the guild presidency seat.

” The Urban TV was nothing,just a lapse in mobilisation of social media voters” said James Nangoye a supporter of Male.

His talents according to his friends lie in careful and strategic planning a tool he will definitely  use in a bid to book a seat for the guild presidency role.

At the same time to his advantage though is his self-confidence in his capabilities as a good problem quashing leader as he suggested on Urban TV yesterday during the presidential debate when asked how he would improve on the roads.

He bravely enlightened the moderator on his plan to set up a guild fund dedicated to improvement of roads- a task whose weight he either ignored or he mentioned in earnest basing on his capabilities as a leader.

His campaign slogan ” Nothing For Us Without Us “suggests he is an ardent fan for the student-student leader relationship, which he would gladly use to offer students the services they yearn for.

Pius Nyikirize, the third but not last candidate as the chronology of names may suggest.

He is a third year Bachelors of Nursing student. he is calm,  collected and tactful, a product of the Lubiri High School system.

He is a gifted  cautious orator careful enough not to say words that may be used to his opponent’s advantage, as was manifested at yesterday’s presidential debate on Urban TV where he sought balanced answers to the questions fired at him by Samson Kasumba, when asked on whether U.C.U could survive without him, he replied in the affirmative, not forgetting to mention the fact that his presence would nonetheless make a big difference.

The main idea behind his campaign is responsibility. Unlike Kidandaire his biggest rival, who plans to use his government to transform U.C.U, Nyikirize’s goal is to transform students to a level where they rise-up to their challenges as his campaign slogan suggests, ” It Starts With Us”.


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