Nursing Student Defies Odds, Wins UCU Guild Race.

ballot boxes assembled in Nkoyoyo Hall before counting
ballot boxes assembled in Nkoyoyo Hall before counting

Pius Nyikirize, a third year nursing student known for his humility, intelligence emerged victorious with a landslide victory in the Uganda Christian University (UCU) main campus guild presidency race.

Nyikirize, 23 got 1304 votes to beat off competition from Joel Israel Kidandaire, a third year Law student and member of UCU Law fraternity who had 673 votes, three hundred more than Solomon Grace Male a second year student pursuing a degree in Public Administration who came third with 326 votes.

The long-awaited declaration which was made at 2:05 am by the Director Students Affairs, Miss Ayo confirmed the already anticipated knowledge of  an eminent win for Nyikirize whose inflated wins in the key faculty of Education and the International community guaranteed him a wide head start in the race that Kidandaire constantly sought to match up to.

Male had the most votes in the third faculty, Public Administration: coincidentally his own, taking 141 votes, eighty-seven votes more than Nyikirize’s 54 votes and one hundred and thirteen more than Kidandaire’s 28 votes.

He however failed to remain consistent with this tally as the “It begins with us” team of Nyikirize took charge again, in the Health Sciences faculty  brutally winning with 126 votes compared to Kidandaire’s 02 votes and Male’s 01.

With the three  faculties and International students category done, it was Nyikirize Pius in the lead with 394 votes followed by Solomon Grace  Male and Joel Israel Kidandaire with 174 and 105 votes respectively.

A group of Nyikirize’s supporters could now be heard chanting a combination of their campaign slogan and victory remarks, a thing that annoyed Kidandaire’s supporters who walked out of Nkoyoyo Hall amidst a cloud of loud boastful boos from Nyikirize’s supporters.

In the fifth faculty however, it was Kidandaire with 281 votes claimed ownership of the his Law faculty beating the favorite Pius  Nyikirize’s 136 votes and Male Solomon Grace’s 24 votes.

It was still Nyikirize in the lead with 530 votes but this time Male who had enjoyed second place in the first four categories had been dislodged to third as Kidandaire gained momentum to chase Pius with his new tally of 386 votes. he was now ahead of Male with 144 votes.

In the sixth faculty of Social Sciences, the victory hopes of Kidandaire and Male’s team of supporters were squashed as Nyikirize claimed victory for the fourth time after earning 136 votes, Kidandaire coming in second with 44 and Male with 37 votes.

With two faculties left, Kidandaire’s remaining supporters were still hoping for a miracle to overturn the result.

“We can still win this election ” a fan of Kidandaire was heard to say.

For Male’s supporters it was not only their dreams that had been crushed but also their hope,  it appeared to be the end of the race.

“I don’t think we can win any more “said Priscilla Nankya a supporter of Solomon Grace Male.

As it turned out, the faculty of Business was all that was needed by Pius Nyikirize to seal off the victory.

Nyikirize won with 482, the biggest vote margin of the morning followed by Joel with 163 and Male with 37 votes.

The deafening sirens of victory by the victorious team could be heard from the Main road as Nyikirize’ s supporters chanted and sang in celebration to his victory.

The last faculty of Science and Technology though it couldn’t have changed much was yet again claimed by Nyikirize who won with 156 votes followed by Kidandaire and Male with 70 and 30 votes respectively.

Dressed in a grey polo shirt covered by a brown blazer, a visible happy Nyikirize could not hide his joy as he sang a the chorus of a gospel song.

He went on to thank his supporters for the support pledging to work harder in a bid to serve them.

” If there was any darkness in this struggle, it’s no longer there for we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel” he said to his happy supporters.


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